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The Best Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office For 2018

Save Money For Your Business

Starting up a business is hard and expensive, so if you can save some money and the products are good, why wouldn’t you? So, lets qet straight into it…

Best Office Software : Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Probably the first office software that comes to mind is Microsoft Office 365, but that has an ongoing monthly cost. So, if you can find a free alternative, wouldn’t you investigate? I know I would. We have some choice here:

Google Docs

Something that is becoming more prevalent in todays working world is that of document collaboration. This is where Google’s web apps come into their own  – Docs and Sheets – for items that your business/office team might need to work on simultaneously. Not only do you get free software, which you don’t even had to download and install on your computer,  you also get free cloud storage.

Turn on your computer and just log into your Google account and you have instant access to the equivalent Microsost Word, Excel and Powerpoint packages. The files you create with Google Drive are automatically saved to your Google account, giving you access anywhere and at anytime, as well as being able to share with anyone. Not only can you share documents, but Google drive allows you to simultaneously collaborate with other members of your team, extending its flexibility.

Libre Office

Libre Office can be used as a replacement of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. There are 6 individual programs that are installed with LibreOffice to make up the suite: Writer (Word), Impress (PowerPoint), Calc (Excel), Base (Access), Math, and Draw.

Open Office

Just like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice has a word processor (Writer (Word)), spreadsheets (Calc (Excel)), presentations (Impress (PowerPoint)), graphics, and database program. it also supports many file formats, such as DOC, DOCX, XML, XLS, XLW, DBF, PPT, PPS, and POTX.

Zoho Docs

Just like Google Apps, Zoho Docs is also an online set of programs. It includes a word processor, presentation program, and spreadsheet software – which combine together to offer a great solution to Microsoft Office.


Like Zoho Docs and the Google Apps, ONLYOFFICE Personal is an online suite of programs. This means that you can access them anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. Within ONLYOFFICE Personal you can create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations in the newest Office file formats.

You can upload files from your computer or from a number of cloud storage services, such as Dropbox. There are also a number of other features available, such as chat, co-editing, spell check, and sharing files.

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